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Shenzhen International Gift and Home Products Fair

April 25-28,2021  /  Exhibition News  /  Author: Longhe

This is the 29th Shenzhen Gift Fair that we participated in 2021. This show gathered 4500+ quality exhibitors, 10,000+ booths and 1,000,000+ creative goodies.2021 exhibition had more than 8,500 professionals from 77 countries visited the exhibition during the four days of the exhibition, and the number of visitors increased by nearly 5% compared with the last exhibition. As one of the strong and thoughtful cookware manufacturers in China, we very positively participated in this exhibition. We hoping to bring cost-effective and practical products to people all over the world. 

The most important feature of the exhibition is the concentration of customers and the high level of professionalism. Longhe mainly joins this exhibition as a professional kitchenware manufacturer. Our product designs are novel, practical and unique, and are very popular among buyers.

As an exhibitor, we brought these products to the show for both domestic and export guests: frying pans, frying pans, milk pans, omelet pans, kits, and a wide variety of other products. We sincerely hope to bring better quality products and services to our customers



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